Pier 27 Cruise Terminal & Northeast Wharf Plaza

Vortex constructed a modern cruise terminal to meet evolved security and passenger demands while allowing for the terminal to serve as a special event space when not used for cruise purposes. This included demolition and repairs of concrete slab, piles, and beams; furnishing and installation of concrete piles; construction of concrete ramps and Embarcadero grey concrete deck; and installation of bollards and fenders.

Bay Trail Link at Pier 43

The Pier 43 project involved demolition of the existing pier, construction of seawall along The Embarcadero and new pile-supported concrete wharf to serve as a public promenade including construction of ADA compliant curb ramps.

Pacifica Fishing Pier Repair

The Pacifica Fishing Pier Repair Project consisted of structural repair work at the Pacifica Municipal Fishing Pier. This work included, amongst other things, the repair of spalling concrete piles, repair of spalling soffit at the underside of the pier structure, repair/replacement of concrete deck panel covers, and repair of spalling the concrete barrier railings.

Richmond Yacht Club Marina Replacement


This project consisted of a complete rebuild of an operating 250 slip deepwater marina. Vortex, as prime contractor, coordinated the phased operations of demolition, dredging and new installation of a proprietary heavy timber dock system with prestressed concrete piles.

Port Canaveral Cargo Pier & Bulkhead Repair

Vortex completed this large scale marine facility rehabilitation project, which included concrete replacement and galvanic protection of precast deck units, pile caps, and prestressed piles, for the Canaveral Port Authority at its North Cargo Piers 1-4.

San Francisco Pier Rehab and Construction

For this, Vortex completed partial replacement and structural rehabilitation of the existing 90 year old Piers that serve as the foundation for several commercial buildings on San Francisco’s waterfront. In addition, we constructed a concrete portwalk along the waterside face of the buildings looking out over the Bay.

Waterfront Rehabilitation at USCG Station, San Diego

The USCG project entailed the replacement of an existing concrete and timber dock system with new pre-cast floating concrete structures in highly secure and environmentally sensitive area. Vortex installed a new pile-supported access trestle and gangway and an engineered floating dock system utilizing driven 70 foot long 24” prestressed concrete piles for location and support. Concurrent with the marine operations, we completed extensive on-shore utility work. The project was delivered to the government ahead of schedule.

Carquinez Bridge Foundation Project

As marine subcontractor to the FCI/ Cleveland Bridge JV, Vortex performed major marine foundation work and provided marine support for construction of the new 3-span suspension bridge. The project won numerous awards and received international recognition, becoming North America’s first suspension bridge of its kind to be built in 35 years, as well as the first suspension bridge to be built in the U.S. with concrete towers.