Fender Replacement at Concord NWS

As marine subcontractor to American Bridge Company, on a task order as part of 5 year IDIQ-MACC Contract for New Construction and Maintenance of the US Navy’s West Coast Facilities, Vortex replaced the Pier 4 timber fender system at the Concord Naval Weapons Station.

Alameda Waterfront Improvements, Coast Guard Station

Vortex was awarded this prime contract with the USCG to rehabilitate the Coast Guard’s cutter pier in Alameda, California. The work included marine demolition, significant reinforced concrete pile restoration and cathodic protection, spalling repair and crack injection of the structural concrete deck, caps and beams, installation of a hybrid driven steel pile/ timber panel/ pneumatic fender system, installation of new mooring bollards, installation of a mono-pile mooring dolphin with concrete cap and catwalk, and fabrication of new steel stanchions and gangways.

Walter F. George Lock, Powerhouse, and Spillway


This challenging design-build project, the first repair method of its kind, entailed installation of a concrete secant pile cut-off wall immediately upstream of the existing dam and spillway structure, to prevent the flow of water under the dam, eliminating the potential for structural failure.

Port Fender Replacement, Port of Pensacola

Vortex supplied and installed 137 prefabricated fender H-piles using a land based crawler crane with a vibratory hammer set in fixed leads to meet critical installation tolerances and a back-batter. We coordinated this project closely with the Port to allow for minimal disruption to the vessel berthing schedule and completed it ahead of schedule.

China Basin Ferry Terminal


Vortex was the prime contractor on this design-built ferry terminal, in the heart of the San Francisco Bay at Pac Bell Ballpark. The project included design and construction of two steel terminal floats with hydraulic ramps systems and utilities, a structural concrete terminal pier, steel access gangways, and a distinctive entrance gateway.

Point Potrero Wharf Repair

As prime contractor, Vortex worked in close collaboration with owner and design engineer Liftech Consultants, Inc. to rehabilitate this historic World War II era marine terminal. This terminal is part of a port and rail infrastructure facility used by Honda Motors as a primary West Coast delivery point.

Port of Oakland Wharf & Embankment Strengthening

This project consisted of retrofitting existing concrete wharf to support larger container ships and increased container loads, with embankment strengthening to allow for greater dredging depth of the Berth. Additionally, the existing fender system was removed and upgraded. Mechanical systems were upgraded or replaced throughout.