Project Description

Waterfront Rehabilitation at USCG Station, San Diego

This challenging project for the Coast Guard entailed replacement of an existing concrete and timber dock system with new pre-cast floating concrete structures in highly secure and environmentally sensitive area. Furthermore, due to the government’s ongoing use of the facility throughout the project, it was necessary to closely coordinate construction activities with the requirements of the Coast Guard.

The project required a phased removal and disposal of the existing 155 foot fixed pier and floating dock system, along with associated mooring dolphins, gangways, and utilities.

Vortex coordinated the installation of a new pile-supported access trestle and gangway. An engineered floating dock system was then installed utilizing driven 70 foot long 24” prestressed concrete piles for location and support.

Concurrent with the marine operations, extensive on-shore utility work was completed, and the project was delivered to the government ahead of schedule.

See Waterfront Rehabilitation at USCG Station San-Diego.

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