Project Description

Fender Replacement at Concord NWS

As marine subcontractor to American Bridge Company, on a task order as part of 5 year IDIQ-MACC Contract for New Construction and Maintenance of the US Navy’s West Coast Facilities, Vortex replaced the Pier 4 timber fender system at the Concord Naval Weapons Station.

This work entailed the removal and disposal of the existing creosote treated timber fender system, cutting existing piles at the mudline with divers. Vortex supplied and installed forty-seven 18” diameter, 80 ft long timber piles utilizing the Vortex derrick barge Vantage and D-19 diesel hammer. Per the Navy’s requirement, Vortex field coated all timber piles with a two part epoxy coating system in order to mitigate leaching of the ACZA pre-treatment of piling.

Treated timber walers and chock blocks were installed from scaffolds that were suspended from the face of the wharf. Miscellaneous permanent safety gear and life-ring boxes was installed along the pier. All work was delivered to the rigorous quality standards demanded by the Navy’s specifications, ahead of schedule, and without any safety infractions or incidents.

See Fender Replacement, Concord Naval Weapons Station.

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